Sunday, April 17, 2011


Friday Abby was complaining of nausea.  Linnea was home on Wed from the stomach flu so I felt as though Abby shouldn't be going to school in case she got sick too.  She didn't even want to chew gum.  It didn't go far with her and saturday she woke up feeling better...she went to dance class and had a great time...did well...and getting ready for her recital which is sun may 22nd at 1 PM Poughkeepsie High School.   After dance, they went to a park for play/picnic...then to another park for the easter egg hunt at 1. They had fun and it was over just as the rain started.  Abby found 2 prize tickets within her stash of eggs.
Today we went to church then drove around..then home.  Monday and Tues, Sarah and I both work so all the kids are going to maryanna's from 9 to 3:15.   Wed the kids will be at the house since Sarah is not teaching.  Abby and Adam are feeling well and doing fine.  Abby pinched her arm on the swing set today but other than that...they are all in working order.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday the kids came back to the house around 12:45 after Dance and haircuts.  The kids played inside after an hour of nap/rest.  I got home around 3:45 and the kids played outside til 5:30.  They ate well, bathed and got to bed just after 7.  Today, they were enjoying being home, not having to go anywhere and then played outside from 10:45 til now.  They helped us clean the garage and the weather has been so nice, they really have been happy playing together.  Abby and Adam roller skate...while I hold out a long stick for them to hang on to.

Friday, April 1, 2011


This week, the kids are doing great and have been eating and sleeping very well.  They got to play outside before the weather turned bad.  Abby and Adam feel well and have enjoyed school.  Wednesday morning and evening they seemed tired and distant.  By Thursday they were acting more like themselves with no mood swings or depressed/sad like behavior.  Abby did great at school Wed/Thurs and Friday and enjoyed school spirit week.  Abby and Adam are staying at my parents tonight and Abby will go to dance tomorrow morning.  The kids are going to go with Sarah after dance back to the house.  Abby and Linnea both need haircuts and will most likely get one on Saturday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's sunday and I am taking the kids to jump jakes to play so sarah can do school work b/c  it's too cold and windy to play outside, unfortunately...and yesterday they were at a park.
  The kids came back with sarah after dance class yesterday.  Abby is feeling fine it seems.  Sarah took them to a park til 1:30 yesterday after dance, then everyone laid down for naps, except Adam.  Linnea has a stomach bug...has been throwing up beginning yesterday afternoon.  She is still on meds for her strep and will have to just take it easy today.  Adam is doing fine.  Jess and john came over to visit at 4 and stayed til 9.  We started a fire out back and me, adam, abby, jess and john stayed out for a long time while sarah stayed in with her girls to get them taken care of and to bed early.   the kids all lost their privelage to eat smores b/c they took gum from sarah's purse in the car without asking and all chewed it, then threw it on the floor in her car, while she ran into the house to get coats/shoes for the park after dance. then adam ran away from her at the park when she was trying to leave with them, while she called for him to stop and come back.  he kept running and madelyn followed him.....and went behind the school building.  she had to chase after him all the way to the dumpsters.  he doesn't listen at times when we need him to, ask him to or when it's dangerous, he keeps running.  Adam did that to me and sarah outside the poughkeepsie library when we left the back of the building and were walking on the sidewalk to the front of the building on main street to get to the car.  he ran way ahead of everyone and out of sight.  When will he learn?  so, we are taking away privelages.  We'll come back as late as I can stay away with them and settle in for the night.  Tomorrow, everyone is off to school hopefully.  I have to work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I spoke to mom and she said that Abby feels fine this morning, doesn't have a fever and her throat looks good.  Linnea will have had two doses of her medicine so she will be going to dance and so will Abby.  If Abby feels sick today, Dr. Schnieder said he'd see Abby tomorrow (SUnday).  Abby will then go to her two dance classes today and then come back to the hosue with Sarah and the girls.  If for some reason, Linnea stays home (unlikely), then the kids will come back to the house this afternoon with Jessica.  Jessica and John are in town and will be coming over tonight.


Yesterday, the kids did well in the morning.  Abby went to school ok but she wasn't very hungry.  She was also a bit happy then grumpy. She asked for breakfast then didn't want it and wanted to go outside.  She and Adam both are still getting stubborn at times when asked to do something or given a's like they freeze and do not want to be cooperative to get it done.  I am trying to get them to understnad that in order for htem to play/get a privalege, they will have to help get from point A TO B.  Abby came home feeling a bit sick/tired.  She said her stomach hurt and that she wanted ginger ale and a bagel.  Usually by Friday, she is tired.  Sometimes I wish they went to school just 4 days.  I didn't sign her up for Gymnasitcs this session just to keep the schedule light.  Plus she has a lot of make ups from the winter that she can do after dance is over in May.

She left with my mom and went to Nane and Odie's house.  Later in the early evening, Abby came down with a slight fever.  Linnea has strep again so today, I am going to have to have mom take her to get a strep test and more medicine possibly.  I will let Melissa know so she can decide if she wants to go too.  I was hit with a $300 bill from the Hyde Park clinic b/c it went toward my deductible.  Dr. Schneider does not charge me my deductible.  No big deal but I would like to make sure we try and get the kids to Dr. Schneider.  Abby will not go to dance today.  Adam had a great day yesterday.  He went to gymnastics, chuckie cheese w/ my mom, the store and the park w/ my mom.  Last night, they stayed at my parents w/ Jess and John.  On St. Patricks Day, the kids all had their faces painted w/ a shamrock, wore green and Abby got to eat green eggs/ham and drink green lemonade.  Today, the kids will come back to the house at some point and Abby will rest.  I'm hoping we can get her some medicine if she has strep again..she could just have a virus.   A lot is going around at the schools and within the homes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Abby and Adam are doing well.   I was told Abby dosed off a little this morning...then ate crackers and drank ginger ale.  She then was back to herself and enjoyed being alone and playing quietly.  She fell asleep just as Sarah was ready to leave to  or  the other kids.  Abby and Adam were very energetic at the park after school....Abby's appetite isn't it's normal self but her energy is good and she doesn't have a fever or diahrrea.
She ran and ran around outside at the park but then would have some bouts of tiredness.  She will go to bed soon.  Adam is doing well and speaking better and better.  He loves to be outside and it's helping him.